Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Second Baptist Church, Peoria, Illinois!

Greetings Friends & Relatives,
Well, as you can see we are now located at a new church where Mitchell is starting his second interim pastorate. We finished our first assignment at Cross Road Baptist in Bangor, PA on Memorial Day weekend. Then we headed back to Cincinnati for a month...long enough to be with family and get ready to pack up again for a new assignment to the Great Rivers Region in Illinois. It was a hectic three months and we got very exhausted by the time we arrived in Peoria. We both came down with very bad colds the last week of June. It took us three weeks before we began to be able to function again...which slowed down our "unpacking" in order to get settled in our new home. Slowly, but surely, we finally regained our strength to begin ministry duties as well as get settled into our new home.

The church has put us into a townhouse, just about a mile down the road from the church on Farmington Road. It is a very comfortable, pleasant, and quiet place to live.

HAPPY BIRTHDAT, PASCAL! Our grandson Pascal (son of Peter and Mollie) celebrated his third birthday the day before we were to arrive in Peoria. Of course, we couldn't miss it! So we were able to celebrate at his party, then drove to Peoria that night. We got to our apartment about two o'clock Sunday morning. We were pretty tired, but we were still able to be present and accounted for at the church's first morning Worship Service. Thankfully, Mitchell did not have to preach until the following Sunday...July 1st. Birthday pictures are below.
Pascal Welcomes His Guests...He's quite the little Host

Pascal & His Cousin Isaac (David & Nadine's Son) have a little "chat"
Pascal & His Daddy have some lemonade together.
Mommy (Mollie, in red plaid dress) prepares the Birthday cupcakes

It was good to see all of the family together again. For instance, Mollie's Mom (Pascal's other grandmother) was there

Cousin Zoe and Aunt Nadine were there; and so were many of Peter & Mollie's friends.

Uncle Hugo & Aunt Ruth Lara; Grandpa Lindquist; and Uncle David Lindquist.
It's always good to be able to get together as a family.

It's also good to see old friends again. Our long-time neighbors Joanne Knuckles & her son, Rick (when we lived on Fremantle Street in Forest Park, Ohio)
Joanne, it was like "old times" again. So glad you & Rick could come to the party.

Speaking of "Party"...BRING ON THE PRESENTS!!!
It was a wonderful Birthday Party, Pascal!

We took some time in June and July to try to get some valuable time with Mitchell's 83 year old Mom and my 93 year old Dad in Indiana. Mitchell's mom lives in Indianapolis with Mitchell's sister, Carolyn. Mom will be 84 in October and has dementia, so she can't be left alone. But physically, she is doing well. Carolyn and Mom are pictured below.

Our daughter Ruth, and her husband Hugo, (Pictured below) went with us the second weekend in June.

When we went on to Kokomo, IN, my Dad was still in Rehabilitation, as a result from his fall on Mother's Day. Dad's 93rd birthday was coming up on the following Tuesday...June 14th...also known as Flag Day and of course, Father's Day was coming the following Sunday. So!!! Our daughter who loves to party, came up with taking "Grandpa" some festive chocolate cupcakes, along with several appropriate balloons: One "Get Well" balloon; one "Flag" balloon; one "Happy Birthday" balloon; and one "Father's Day" balloon...She wanted to make sure we covered ALL occasions. And to top it all off, we stopped off at the nearest Wendy's for Grandpa's favorite treat, a chocolate Frosty to take to "Grandpa Taylor", since he cannot go out himself right now. My father was quite surprised. My cousin, Loran Cox (who has taken such wonderful care of my father's needs while I am away)joined us for the party. He is pictured below with our daughter, Ruth, and Mitchell.
As you can see from the following pictures, Dad was quite happy and we enjoyed our time together. Unfortunately, the time went all to quickly and we had to return to Cincinnati. It was an emotional moment for us all to see Dad cry as we left. Ruthie had never seen her Grandpa cry before...it really got to her, and us too!

I treasure this time we had, because since then, Dad's health has steadily declined. When Mitchell and I went back to see him a few weeks later, his health had declined a lot. His memory had also diminished a lot...before we knew it we were talking about full nursing care. His Medicare in the Rehab Center ran out on August 18th. There is another wing that has a full care nursing center, and with his permission, he has since moved to that wing. On the weekend of August 14th, we drove to Indiana following our Worship Service to begin the final move from his Assisted Living apartment and take everything back to our Cincinnati Storage Shed until we can take care of it all. Dad looked good when we arrived Sunday night. But my cousin reported that while we were taking Dad's things to Cincinnati on Monday, Dad had suffered a bad day. Long story short, his oxygen went down to 83; he also was developing an infection. So they put him on oxygen for the day, and began giving him anti-biotic shots for the infection. Apparently, he made a good recovery and by the time we got to see him again on Tuesday night, he was up, fully dressed, and visiting with my other cousins. He was off the oxygen and a nurse came with a shot, encouraging us with "it's his last shot". Then they were to start giving him pills instead. Dad looked good, and it put us more at ease to return back to Peoria that night. We got back to our apartment about eleven-thirty that night.

We had a wonderful surprise on August 14th, before we were to leave for Indiana to empty Dad's Assisted Living apartment. We had just completed the first Worship Service and were greeting people as they left. Mitchell turned around and then said to me, "Look behind you and see who's here."
I did, and standing at the top of the stairs to the sanctuary was none other than KURT BUESCHER!!! Kurt and his wife, Jackie, were long-time friends of ours at our Cincinnati Pleasant Run Baptist Church where we and our children grew up in our faith. They now are retired, living in Louisanna. Jackie was not feeling well, and she was sitting down on a couch in the entry foyer, until the second service. Wow! We were so excited to see them, as it was in 2009 when we saw them last. After the service, we went out to lunch with them before they headed for home and we headed for Indiana. Thanks Kurt and Jackie for taking the time to stop by to visit with us. (I hope that you, Jackie, are feeling much better by now.) Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me (Can you BELIEVE it???!!!) to take their picture. But taking a trip down memory lane at Pleasant Run Baptist Church, I found them in a 2004 Church Anniversary Program, where Kurt is singing and Jackie is accompanying. Some of you might remember being there :)

Well, I believe that brings us current...hard to believe so much has happened in our lives since May. Here it is the third week in August already! The Lord has been good and we rejoice in it. We ask your prayers as we continue to serve at Second Baptist Church in Peoria.

Blessings to Each One of You,
Wanda & Mitch
Mom & Dad
Grandma & Grandpa

Monday, June 20, 2011


This post was very difficult for me to write. It is written with a mixture of emotions on our part...one of happiness for the church...reflecting on very happy memories while at Cross Road Baptist Church ...and one of sadness on having to depart such a wonderful congregation and many new friends. So, if you see a few tears rolling down your screen, it's just us, treasuring wonderful memories.

As stated in our last blog, On April 4, 2011, Cross Road Baptist Church finally had a pastor ready to candidate as the new full-time pastor...who received a 100% affirmative vote to call to serve as their new pastor, beginning June 1st. So congratulations and welcome to Pastor Jay Van Horn and Larissa. May you both be blessed greatly in your new ministry with Cross Road Baptist Church.

When we came to Cross Road Bapist Church in January of 2010, it felt like we had lots of time before leaving our assigned Interim Ministry. But the time went all too quickly...and suddenly...1 1/2 years came to an end. In this blog, we will be sharing our closing memories at Cross Road Baptist. One thing for sure...our friends there REALLY KNOW HOW TO THROW A PARTY!!!

First, there was the "Good-Bye" Party on Saturday night, May 28th. "GOOD FOOD" (as always, at a CRBC Carry-In Supper) Vicki Keiper & Ginny Mack (affectionately known as "The General") are getting everything well organized.
While Gail Shook is organizing all of those "sinful" desserts! YUM!

"GOOD FELLOWSHIP"...so many friends that came---old and new; we did not know that our ABCOPAD Area Minister, Kevin Walden would be there also! What a very nice surprise! Pastor Kevin is pictured with Mitchell and Co-Chairperson of the Deacon's Board, Ginny Mack in the picture that follows)

In the following picture, Pastor Kevin is pictured with Deacon Co-Chairperson, Don Mack, and Church Secretary, Lynne Bair (to the right of Don) as well as Bob Hochella, and Mitchell.

...and so many others who came...
Jim & Fay Patrick...Exactly 1 year ago tonight Mitchell had the privilege of marrying this couple. I was playing the organ, so did not ever get a picture of their marriage. But here's their First Anniversary Picture! Happy Anniversary, Dear Friends!

...and there were more friends joining in the fun!

And...last, but not least..."GOOD FUN" (lots of laughs that night), as several took turns at the "Roast" of Pastor Mitch & Wanda, as well as sharing their wonderful parting sentiments with us. The program began with our Host "Roast Master", Don Mack, Co-Chairman of our Deacons Board.

Don began by introducing our very special guest who brought greetings and a letter of thanks from ABCOPAD, via our Area Minister, Kevin Walden. Thank you, Kevin, for taking time out from your busy schedule to share in the church's "Good-Bye" Party. It was a wonderful surprise and meant a lot to us.

Then, Ginny Mack, Co-Chairperson of the Deacons Board, apologizes profusely for teasing Pastor Mitch unmercifully regarding his dislike for squash the whole time we were at Cross Road Baptist. She really feels so "guilty". So she has a very special "going away" gift for Pastor to show her "sincere apologies"...
Well...maybe not! Ginny just couldn't resist her last chance...one more time!
Not one...but TWO Zucchini...

...for Pastor Mitch to "enjoy" back in Cincinnati :)

Next, Dave Carhart recalled how we almost made him a Criminal...
for "Breaking In and Entering"...you see, one night we thought we were late for a meeting at the church. Then we realized the meeting was for the next week! Upon returning to the Parsonage, it suddenly hits us that we were in such a hurry trying to get to the "non-existant" meeting on time that we locked the doors...but had no keys with us!!! We only had one set of keys which had been left on the computer table in the house office...and there was none other to be had either at the church office or with Lynn Bair, the church secretary, or with the Trustees. Fortunately, Dave Carhart and John Bair made a trip to the church at the same time...Dave thought he was literally going to have to remove the lock apparatus, because all windows were locked. Except!...I remembered the kitchen window above the sink was unlocked. However, in order to get in the window, they would have to find a ladder to get to it, and the screen would have to be cut out. John Bair says "No problem! I will be able to repair it." So after locating a ladder, removing the screen...sure enough the window was indeed unlocked. What a sight! Good thing Dave is not a very big man! He managed to get into the kitchen window, sprang over the kitchen sink, and on in to the living room to unlock the front door for us. (Wish I would have had my camera then!!!) Anyway, we were very sheepish and quite embarassed! Needless to say, the next day we went out and made 5 more sets of keys...one for everybody, including me! We tried hard to quietly forget about the incident...obviously Dave did not...I wonder why?!

Next it was Jim Patrick's turn...he said he had really enjoyed getting to know us. Pastor had baptized Jim the first Easter Sunday we were at CRBC. Jim was a very valuable aid to Pastor Mitch in the "Angel Food" Delivery Pick-Ups, as well.

Right after the baptistm, Pastor had the privilege to marry Jim & Fay on Memorial Day Weekend. Now, exactly one year later, Jim wants to know from Pastor Mitch, "What do I do now to get out of it????!" "Just joking", he says...this is a very happy Christian couple with whom we have been privileged to serve at CRBC.

Ann Zona, a Wednesday night Bible Study "regular", also came to share her sentiments and "Best Wishes" with us.

Ray Mack, Trustee, related that when he thought of the Lindquists, he always thought of the "Beverly Hillbillies" (old TV show, for those of you who are too young to remember). You see, Ray (as well as several others) helped with our January 2010 move into the parsonage...our van was filled to the "gills"...inside and out! He fully expected to see old "Granny" with her rocking chair on top of all of our boxes on the top of our van! :) I'm quite sure we made for quite a sight! And every time we returned from a Cincy trip, the van was loaded again!...Even though we took things back to Cincy several times.

Kate Postma and her daughter Kara, shared their appreciation of posthumously remembering Kate's brother at the 2010 Veteran's Day Service. Kate's brother had served in Korean...he had passed away several months before our Veteran's Day Service.

There were many others who shared remembrances and "Best Wishes"
Praise Team Male Vocalist, Phil Smith
Lynne Bair, Church Secretary and Praise Team Worship Coordinator

Gail Shook, 2010 VBS Director, recalls VBS memories with us...VBS MINISTRY is "our heart", both for Gail and us. We Wish CRBC 2011 VBS much success this summer.

The church's parting gift really touched us. For those of you that may not know, Bangor is in "Slate-Belt" country. So the church folk got very creative...they gave us a parting gift of a clock made of slate, engraved with an American flag in the center...remembering that Pastor Mitchell is a very patriotic American veteran. How appropriate! To our CRBC friends: it is going to have a very special place on the wall...right in the middle of his USAF Medals Display Case and encased American flag that Ruth & Hugo (our daughter and son-in-law) got for him last Father's Day.
Rachel Dwinal, Praise Team Lead Female Singer, presents the gift to us.
Thank you so much for your gift. And so ends a wonderful "going-away" party...all too soon it came to an end. None of us could quite bring ourselves to go home. We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that we would still be together for one last Worship Service together on Sunday morning.

What a day of worship we had at Sunday Worship...beginning with our "Praise Sing" before Sunday School, when our friend Michael Sandt came to be with us. Michael is the one in the multi-colored shirt, pictured below...
He brought his shofar...

and played and danced before the Lord, as our Praise Team led the singing; and Lynne Bair was filled with the Spirit, as she waved the colorful banners during our "Praise" Time. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures...I was too busy playing the clavinova.

The very FIRST Sunday our ministry began at Cross Road, some very close friends in our former church at Honesdale...Sharon & Charlie Kittner, surprised us with a visit.

Now, on our LAST Sunday at Cross Road, they surprised us with another visit! Thanks, Dear Friends...for taking the time to share these special moments in our lives with us. It meant so much to us.

Our last worship with Cross Road was such a Spirit-Filled moment! Mitchell had invited Michael Sandt to play his shofar to begin our Call To Worship...as he had done the first time he and Michael first met.

The Praise Team was at their best...Thank you, friends, for allowing me the privilege of being a part of your ministry of music.

Mitchell's final sermon: "Give Me This Mountain!" Caleb's final request in his old age, to take the land God had promised him some 40 years earlier, being unafraid of the challenges that lie ahead because of God's promise "I will be with you.." He challenged the church to be just as courageous as Caleb and to not be afraid to move forward in ministry with their new pastor because ..."God is with you!"

And then...saying "Good-Bye"...there were so many surprises that touched our hearts...first, the "Love Gift" from the church which just overwhelmed us! Then, the church's laying hands on us, committing us to our next church (which we learned just that week would be Second Baptist Church of Peoria, IL); as well as Michael Sandt's lovely Prayer of Blessing for us, both in Sunday School and at the close of Worship. The Commitment Praise Song: "Thank You, Lord" (our church's "theme" song) which was so appropriate for our final Sunday with the church; and our final closing Praise Song, (which had been one of our favorite praise songs during our ministry at Cross Road), "Victory Chant" Oh, my! The "glory of the Lord" was indeed in that room! It was difficult for us all to say "Good-Bye"; the tears were flowing everywhere! It reminded me of the church in Ephesus, at the close of Paul's third missionary journey and his return to Jerusalem. (Acts 20:36-38). Pictured: Lynne Bair (Mitchell's church secretary) and I...Thanks Lynne, for everything!!! Also pictured with Mitchell are Anita Patti and Tony Polcari, Praise Team members.

Speaking of The Praise Team...here is a great picture of them all with us.
1st Row:
Deanna Shook-Sound
Maurico DeSouza-Bongo Drums
2nd Row:
Phil Smith-Male Vocalist
Jonathan Buss-Percussionist
Lynne Bair-Worship Coordinator
3rd Row:
Randy Buss-Guitar, Flute, Male Vocalist
Rachel Dwinal-Female Vocalist
Pastor Mitch
Anita Patti-Female Vocalist
Tony Polcari-Drummer
Dean Shook-Guitar

I am grateful to Sharon Kittner who shared her pictures of our closing moments together.

"AHEM! Better Not let Nella see you removing that sign, Pastor Mitch!"

On the lighter side there is one more memory that we had to re-create...just for Dave Carhart's wife, Nella. Nella did a wonderful job of taking care of the church property, faithfully mowing the yard, planting flowers, creating a rock garden in the back yard, etc. But when we first arrived, Mitchell was always parking too close to the garage door, preventing Nella from getting to get the mower and supplies when she needed to. Then she would have to knock on our door to ask him to move the car. Well, one day we had been out on a visit; when we came back, there was a "No Parking: Church Event" sign in front of the garage, just far enough out that she could get in the garage at any time...very subtle, Nella. :) We all got a big laugh out of it, and the sign stayed there the whole time we spent in Bangor.

Now THIS is a roaster!
We spent Sunday afternoon at Bonnie Pysher's farm for their traditional Memorial Day "Hog Roast". One can't help but have a good time at the Pysher farm on these events. Besides lots and lots of good food, there are lots of games for adults and children alike; music & dancing: "hokey pokey' 'chicken' dance, "line" dancing, and sometimes, just a little "romantic" dancing to the "golden oldies". And lots of "fellowship" with old and new friends alike. Thanks to the Dean & Bonnie Pysher family for a wonderful time together!

Don & Ginny Mack with some "romantic" dancing.

Jim Patrick teaches Gail Shook how to "Line" Dance

Our Hostess Bonnie Pysher and Gail Shook

And so ends a beautiful day at the Pysher Farm.

To Cross Road Baptist Church Congregation "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!"
Both you and we are now beginning to take different roads to new adventures with God. But, You will forever be in our hearts, no matter where we are! May God bless you mightily! Remember...Jesus tells us: "Stand firm"...again,"Stand firm in your faith...even to the very end of time."

With all of our love and appreciation,
Wanda & Pastor "Mitch" Lindquist